How much do I need to already know?

Our courses are aimed at small business owners who are not technical whizzes. We get onto the concepts that matter for profitability real fast.

I have lots of experience, will I gain anything useful?

Even old hands learn useful stuff from our courses. We connect the technical terms to show how they fit in the big picture.

Is the course practical?

These courses are designed to give real results. Theory is dead without practical activities to drive the point home. The courses are highly interactive and engaging.

Is the course a glorified sales pitch?

We aim to professionally give you the skills to make informed choices for your business. The courses are not just “teasers” and will not obligate you to some other product or service.

You say the course is fast, what if I can’t keep up?

The small group size means the trainers can give you extra attention if you need help. We also screen record the training sessions and provide these files free for your personal review.

What happens if I can’t get there after booking?

Unfortunately our courses need a full booking to sustain their affordable prices. If you cancel we will do our utmost to replace your booking and offer you a seat in the next available course.

What happens if I’m not happy with the course?

We guarantee satisfaction. We will provide you with whatever extra training you require to meet the intent of the course.