DAY 1 – Online Insight – screen recording

1 Birth of the internet World War 3 SBS: Virtual Revolution
1.1 History Where did the net start? wikipedia: Internet Connectivity
1.2 Recent What is the difference between Web 1.0 and 2.0? Wikipedia
1.3 Terminology What is the difference between the web and the net? whois
1.4 Web Content What is HTML? CSS?
1.5 Web Interaction Why have JavaScript? jQuery examples
1.6 Multimedia Want to connect to real people? best flash sitesexamples of html5
2 Server Side Going big time  
2.1 Scripting What is a web application? WebJet Packages
2.2 Databases Every business has a DB wikipedia: Database
2.3 Big vendors How do the big boys play? w3schools: ASP intro
2.4 Small vendors Viva la revolution! w3schools: PHP intro
2.5 Packages Build or buy? about wordpress
2.6 Specialised What’s the cheapest? about magento
3 Mobile everything What’s next?  
3.1 Location “location, location, location” foursquare: training Tweed Heads AU
3.2 Apps Is there an App for that? App store comparison
3.3 Wearable Are we becoming the Borg? wearable computing
online business plan (workshop)    
4 Concept Goals and Objectives   (participant’s website)
4.1 What is the concept of the business? How can you know what the website is for if you don’t know what the business is for?
4.2 What does the online presence communicate? Get feedback! wikipedia: Focus group
5 Market Segmentation Understand your visitors  
5.1 Value What do your clients perceive as valuable? gimmicks versus value
5.2 Place Where are your clients? Putting a Face on Market Segmentation (
6 Attraction You don’t get anything for nothing  
6.1 The Hook Does it draw clients in? pretty face
6.2 Stickability What is the most changeable information of value to your client? coastalwatch: Kingscliff
6.3 Action Information What types of web page are there? wikipedia: Landing page


DAY 2 – Online Insight – screen recording

1 creating good content    
1.1 Is the content short, precise, and easy to understand?  
1.2 Does the website use jargon?  
1.3 Does the website look professional?  
1.4 Is the web site easy to navigate?  
1.5 Do the headlines grab your attention?  
1.6 Is the website layout uncluttered and inviting?  
1.7 Does the website appear to provide current information?  
1.8 Does the website evoke the right emotions?  
1.9 Does the website look good on a mobile screen?  
1.10 Is the typeface consistent with look and feel of the content?  
1.11 Does the website load fast? speed test
1.12 How can I protect my keyword rankings from my competitors? copyscape
1.13 Is there an excess of background images?  
2 Myths, business pitfalls for SEO and SEM (marketing your site)  
2.1 Keywords How important are keywords? Google weight loss
2.2 Keyword Rankings How are keywords ranked? Yellow Pages
2.3 Google Rankings How does Google rank keywords? Wikipedia Google Bots
2.4 Long Tail Keywords What is the secret behind indexing keywords faster? Google Weight Loss Tweed Heads
2.5 Long Tail Keyword Strength Want to save time and money on SEO? Google: Gold Coast Training
Google: Varsity Lakes Training
2.6 Long Tail Keyword Team Want to stay focused and motivated on building up your long tail keywords? Google:Gold Coast Business IT Training
Tweed Heads Business IT Training
Kingscliff Business IT Training
Murwillumbah Business IT Training Coolangatta Business IT Training
3.0 Building Keyword Strength How do you build your team’s keyword strength? Google Sponsored Links: Gold Coast Business IT Training
3.1 Internal Search Engine Optimisation On Page Want to know how to tweak your website for Google? Google Tweed Heads Printing Services
Google Gold Coast Printing Services
3.2 External Search Engine Optimisation Off Page Want to know how to promote your website and leverage off others to improve your Google rankings? Google Link://
3.3 External Search Engine Optimisation using Multimedia How would you like to give you clients ten times more engagement? What is a video worth?
4. SEO Myths & Tricks    
4.1 Industry Myths   36 SEO Myths that don’t die.
4.2 Black Hat The Dark Side – Don’t Get Banned By Google Black hat seo
Google Analytics How do clients act?  
Dropbox How to share bigger data? dropbox
Survey Monkey What do clients say? surveymonkey
    gaptraining survey
Web DLC When it’s all said and done, more is said than done! asana